Natures Pure- White Rice

Genex Lifecare presents the “Grain of Life”:

NATURES PURE - White Rice:

A happy feast with NATURES PURE  Regular Sona Masoori white Rice & HMT Sona Masoori white rice which comes from the land of  Telengana’s Medak & Nalgonda District & part of Karnataka in South India. Both the variants have all the natural magnificent qualities intact. The same is uniformly graded by our automatic Sortex machines & packed under extremely hygienic conditions in our plant. An equal measure of Sona Masoori which Indian medium grain rice compared to basmati is almost indistinguishable from Basmati rice nutritionally. One cup of the Basmati is 164 calories and a cup of the Sona Masoori is 160 calories.

It is Easy to digest, Low in calories, Has less starch compare to other white rice.

Natures Pure Regular & HMT Sona Masoori rice is available in 10/25Kg packs.

Regular Sona Masoori Vs. HMT Sona Masoori Rice: HMT rice is rich in aroma and delectable in taste.Grains are slightly fine & longer than Regular sonamasoori.