Aluminium Barrier Lamitubes


Laminate is a composite material which forms the complete tube body of laminate tubes. Laminate consists of several PE layers (normally 3 -5 layers) with a barrier layer embedded in between. This barrier layer can be made of different materials, mostly of EVOH or aluminium. There are also laminates without barrier layer.

ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate)

ABL is a laminate which contains a small portion of aluminium besides its plastic constituents. This laminate consists of several PE layers with an aluminium barrier embedded in between to protect aggressive products.


The flavor barrier is a constituent of the laminate. It is embedded in between the PE. A flavour barrier fulfils two purposes. On the one hand, it prevents that constituents of the product can escape from the tube. On the other hand, this barrier prevents that critical substances from the environment (such as oxygen) which could affect or change the product penetrate into the tube. The most common barriers are EVOH or aluminium.


AluminiumĀ Barrier

Aluminium is used as a so-called flavour barrier in some laminates to prevent constituents of the product from diffusing from the tube. In addition, this barrier prevents substances from outside to diffuse into the tube and to change or spoil the product by reacting with it.

The aluminium layer is embedded between several PE layers. Aluminium offers the highest barrier quality. It is therefore suitable primarily for very aggressive and highly reactive filling goods, like depilatories or shaving creams, silicones, OTC products and perishable food.